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spread showing a proposal for filling gaps in roads

How can we make our city a better place? In Bratislava an association called for proposals on that matter and collected 95 ideas from various participants. These were then exhibited and published – and hopefully some of them will actually be implemented by the city government.

spread showing a proposal for environmental remediation

The graphic design of the whole project was done by Milk Studio and when I started my internship there I got the chance to work on the book that showed all the ideas. This was a great experience for me: As it was bilingual, I could understand the content and therefore got to know the city and the people’s attitude, so it really helped me settle down in a new environment. The whole project was very much my own responsibilty, so my Art Director had only decided on the format, the font and the maximum mass of text so far, everything else was pretty much up to me. I could design the layout myself, always keeping in mind that it was essential to insert projects quickly because there was not much time left. Soon I happily filled the pages with the proposals and had just a minor drawback when I was asked to use more plans and blueprints (I thought that most of them were not as informative as the visualizations and they also didn’t fit into the grid as easily, so I had been avoiding them), but in the end everything worked out quite fine. The introductory questionnaire was edited by a colleague (because she could, other than me, understand Slovak) and the Art Director designed the cover. Together we then also prepared all the banners, stickers etc. for the exhibition and filled the accompanying website with all the proposals.

So if you are interested in the proposed projects, go to and have a look at the amazing ideas!

spread showing a proposal for a wineyard book cover