barbara gundl

Fittrack App

two fittrack app screens in smartphones

For the last year, I have had the pleasure of working part-time at the health-tech startup Fittrack. We build sensors that can be attached to machines in gyms and automatically track your workout. This data is sent to your smartphone app, which can create an individual training programme for you and show you live feedback, statistics, progress analysis etc.

My job at Fittrack is to create the app design as well as all corporate applications like booklets, posters, presentations, the website, t-shirts etc. Stylistically, corporate and app design are different because we freely developed the brand style, whereas with the app we complied with material design guidelines. This will change now though, so we are slowly transitioning to a more distinctive app design that is platform-independent.

fittrack sales booklet pages

Not only the app design, but also its structure and functionalities are constantly undergoing changes and evolving – we experiment with different approaches, come up with new or redesign old features, implement user feedback, etc. Maintaining a sensible workflow and staying on top of things can sometimes be difficult because it’s a quite complex app and every team member sees it from a different perspective, but together we are moving forward step by step – after all, it’s an agile process. Unfortunately, I can't show any more images here at the moment, but once the new app design is released, there will be plenty to look at!