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Creating a new blog for a friend was a great opportunity for me to freely design a website and also freshen up my programming skills. The requirements were fairly simple: Make a blog with two categories of posts and an author page, keep it minimalistic and use red as highlight color. Oh, and no time pressure. These requirements were just to my liking, so I had a lot of freedom and could design something that both my client and me were very happy about.

overview of blog posts

Once the design was done, I had to learn how to code a Wordpress page – thanks to the underscores theme and an online class on, that was much easier than expected. With this newly acquired knowledge I managed to tweak the basic theme according to the structure and design I wanted, and whenever I got stuck, I could count on Daniel Stein for help. To put it in a nutshell, I could design something I liked, I really learned a ton about coding and, on top of that, I got to read many interesting stories along the way. Check out the live website here and be sure to read at least a few articles!

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