barbara gundl


first logo draft: brain on wheels, driving very fast

In August 2014 I was asked if I could design a logo for a group of students that took part in a very unusual kind of car racing game played on a computer: The participants don’t steer the cars on the screen with a joystick but with their thoughts (i.e., their brain activity is measured with EEG, for further information please visit I like the logo draft above a little bit more than the other one because I think it conveys the meaning in a better way.

second logo draft: car racing helmet with with electrodes and silhouette of the face

However, my commissioners wanted to have a rather serious-looking logo that showed a head with those electrodes, so I tried to fulfill their expectations with my second draft. I also wanted to show that it’s not a normal EEG but a car racing, so I combined the EEG with an old racing helmet which has some similarity to EEG caps. I think my clients were quite happy with the logo and I got loads of chocolate in return, but I don’t know if they actually used it in the end – we’ll see. :)