barbara gundl


confetti and business cards thrown into the air

Collaborating in a team of roughly 5-6 people, creating a corporate identity for this team (which was called a “virtual company” from now on) and acquire real-world customers and commissions – this was the biggest project work in the 4th semester at Information Design. We had to think of a mission statement, name, brand values, logo, business cards, a website… just everything you need to become a professional design agency. And yes, we also had a class on entrepreneurship, so we did have to come up with an actual business plan and think everything through. I was lucky enough to be in a team with five wonderful guys and together we started the company “wundertüte” (German for surprise bag), which specialised in corporate design and web design.

photo of business cards, packaging, surprise bag and confetti

If you’re interested in our corporate identity, check out our website and find detailed documentation in the dowloads area by clicking on “Dokumentation Endabgabe” which is our final submission document. Contact us if you have any requests and like us on facebook! It was great fun working with the guys and I’m really sad that they have different classes now, so if you happen to have any job offers for us, it would be lovely to collaborate again. :)

fortune cookies we baked because they are as surprising as a surprise bag another photo of business cards, packaging, surprise bag and confetti