barbara gundl


tipi on the rooftops of a big city

This team work was a project I really loooooved doing. We had to analyse an existing brand with a strong and authentic corporate identity and then create a competitive brand (i.e. it could be quite different, but it should sell the same kind of products – shoes, in our case – and attract mainly the same target group). So after we had finished our analysis we created a complete corporate identity for our brand called “triebfeder”, a company selling moccasins. Our main brand values were humour, a pinch of adventure and consideration of others, as well as nature. I really liked thinking it all through and discussing some parts over and over again until we found reasonable solutions for our vision of the brand.

photo of page in submission document: target group and brand promise

In this project I was mainly responsible for formulating the brand values, the target group, positioning and profiling and doing a swot-analysis. However, as we worked together very closely and gave each other a lot of feedback, I think the fields of work can not be really divided accurately.

package design of our brand: minimal screenprint on linen bags text about positioning and swot analysis