barbara gundl

Sommelier‘s 1st Choice

one spread of the catalogue with wines from Tuscany

Here you can see some pages of the biggest project I did at my intership at braenda: "Sommelier’s First Choice" is a wine catalogue for Del Fabro, an Austrian drinks wholesaler. As there have already been catalogues in the past few years, the layout and design had already been decided, but it was my task to rearrange the pages, fill them with either totally new content or search for it in our archives and bring it all together. I also had constant contact with the client, made all corrections and then did the final artwork together with my project leader, Hans Renzler.

spread showing wines from two vintners

Basically, I could accompany the whole process from design adjustments to the final proof. Although it was a lot of work, I liked doing it because it was a mixture of design, organisation and concentration – you had to stay focused and pay attention to detail, but also keep track of the overall picture.

spread beginning a new chapter table of contents spread showing bigger bottles available at Del Fabro