barbara gundl

Time Machine

time machine from the user's point of view

In the 3rd semester our assignment in Arts class was to build a cocktail robot for the festival for cocktail robotics "Roboexotica“ in Vienna (for more information on this crazy festival visit Our group consisted of 16 people and we built a time machine with the following background story: Humanity counts the year 2013 and unfortunately has run out of alcohol. To get yourself a drink, you have to travel back in time to the moment when alcohol still existed. Once you have arrived there, a bottle in front of you is magically filled with glowing Gin Tonic. But suddenly there is an engine failure and you literally have to cycle in order to get back home and pump the cocktail into the time-resistant cup which you can take with you. The amount of alcohol you get depends on your cycling speed, so hurry up!

detail: dashobard from the users point of view

Together with Susanne Fellner I took on the role of leadership: we made sure the tasks were shared equally, tried to find some sponsors et cetera. I was also part of the group that designed and built the model of the machine (i.e., everything apart from the pump and arduino stuff) – we searched DIY stores, our own homes, flee markets and even dumpsites for material and then sawed, drilled, glued, stapled and sprayed on and on and on. Together with the technical stuff, great videos and an appealing decoration outside, the result was stunning. As was to be expected of a project of this size not everything was working exactly as planned, but for the most part the machine did its job and provided an amazing experience.

dashboard from the left dashboard in the dark