barbara gundl

Jürgen Winkler

one of the final logo drafts: tachometer with w inside and additional text

In the 4th semester we got the commission to create a small corporate design for a car dealer who, besides selling cars, also sells boats, caravans and two-wheelers. It was quite difficult to find a suitable logo for all those components, so we came up with lots of different logo drafts. Luckily, we also had plenty of time to work on them, so we continuously drafted and gave feedback to each other. It was quite a long process, but in the end we had a decent range of drafts (you can see some of mine on the pictures) and, what’s more important, the client could pick one that he liked as well.

tachometer with w inside variation: only tachometer draft with the client's name written similar to an ambigram so that it could be read in mirrors too mirror view of ambigram draft