barbara gundl

guitar strings

step 1 of the manual: stuff you need to get started

Task: Find any activity and draw an instruction for it. This should consist of 6 to 10 steps and show objects, hands and maybe arrows et cetera. I went for an instruction on restringing a guitar which I wanted to learn properly anyway and this seemed to be a perfect opportunity. At first I watched a lot of video tutorials, but soon found out that there were a thousand different possible approaches. I then decided to ask a friend, who is a great guitar player, if he could help me out and then simply stuck to his explanation in my instruction (or at least to how I understood it. I hope I got it right).

step 3: how to wrap the string around the bridge

As I didn’t have to meet an imminent deadline, I allowed myself plenty of time to find out which steps were necessary and which points of view were best to show the movements. I did all the drawings by hand and even when it came to elaborating versions with different strokes or fills, I used tracing paper to create multiple versions instead of digitalising them. Of course this whole analogue process was very time-consuming, but I think I could really enhance my general perception and drawing skills.

step 4: measure the right lenght of the string how to wind the string on the roll