barbara gundl

Väter in Krisen

folders and business cards for the project fathers in crises

Continuing the collaboration with the crisis intervention center Vienna (have a look at a previous project here), we were asked to create a website for fathers in crises. Designing for a target group I definitely didn’t belong to was going to be challenging, so I started off with some research on design that appeals to a male audience. I then settled for a strong sans serif typeface, a calm blue color scheme with a dash of a dynamic orange and very straight and edgy graphic elements.

website for the project fathers in crises

When designing the corresponding folders and business cards, I started using a labyrinth as main visual to illustrate that there are people who can help you master a crisis and get out of a situation in which you can feel lost and helpless. The metaphor worked very well, so I also adjusted the web design to that concept and then passed it on to Daniel, who programmed the website.

folder for fathers in crises

This project made me realise once again that solid research and a good concept can go a very long way and are definitely worth investing in. It also opened my eyes to the problems men and especially fathers have to deal with, something I had rarely given a thought to before. So no matter if you also want to end your ignorance on that issue or actually have a problem that you would like to talk about, just head over to and have a look around!

folder detail view website subpage view