barbara gundl

honey labels

single honey jar front view

In this small project I made honey labels for my mom when she started keeping bees. She wanted a simple and minimalistic design, so I put only the most necessary information on the labels and focused on a nice and simple concept. I used yellow watercolor sprayed onto paper with a toothbrush to mimic both the pollen the bees collected and the atmosphere of a flower field in summer.

Some of my initial drafts also featured some floral illustrations and handwriting, but that became too playful, so I went back to a friendly but clear typeface. For some time, I toyed with the idea of creating unique labels by spraying the color onto each label individually, but I soon had to realise that this would be a very ineffective approach. So we settled for one background image, but then also created a more abstract, geometric version from a draft with bigger color dots.

honey jar on pillow

Now my mom can switch between the two designs and choose whichever one she finds more suitable for the occasion. That may seem unorthodox, but we wanted to be able to experiment with different approaches and stay flexible. This year, I am planning on creating some new labels with the same underlying concept but a different execution, so in a few years we will hopefully have a collection of various labels that form a dynamic identity together, so stay tuned!

honey jars with abstract labels small honey jar with watercolor label