barbara gundl

Foto Riedl

shop window of photography shop before project

In June 2014 me and some colleagues (aka wundertüte) took part in an event where some shop windows in a specific street in Graz were redesigned for one day. We got to design the store front of Foto Riedl where you can buy all kinds of photography bags and travelling equipment. As time was short and budget was low, we decided to go for an effective, yet simple way of attracting attention: Hand lettering all over the windows, with red balloons in the background to make the writing more legible. So we bought all the white chalk markers and red balloons we could find in town and started working. Of course we first scribbled a lot, then digitalized our drafts and printed the final results on sheets of paper that served as templates for the actual writing on the windows. This turned out to not be that easy because of the thickness of the glass, but in the end we overcame those difficulties.

shop window of photography shop finished

We also produced tiny give-away-bags, which let me learn the ins and outs of screen printing. I really liked this project because we got to actually create something with our hands instead of sitting in front of a computer all day long. The pedestrians and the shop owner seemed to like it too, as our work remained in the store for a few weeks. Last but not least, this project awakened my passion for hand lettering and screenprinting – you’ll never guess what all of my friends and family will receive for Christmas…

closer view on left window closer view on right window closer view on left window